The KZ Lodge Learning Gardens and Teaching Lodge…

Students in the KZ program can experience green industries technology curriculum, and garden-based activities right on their own school property. The class program also involves on-going class partnerships, and on-the-land experiential activities with the local Roots to Harvest Organization.

Some of the KZ program learning objectives for both the Learning Gardens and Teaching Lodge space include:

-Providing opportunity for youth to develop their own connections with the land/ environment while working towards high school credits in green industries, foods & Indigenous studies.

-Teaching youth how to be good stewards of the land and environment (e.g., how to hunt, fish, trap, as well as understanding the need for conservation of natural resources, and ecosystem species).

-Providing students with knowledge, motivation, and transferable technology skills related to building gardens & other green infrastructure, horticulture, green technologies, and growing food.

-Developing food-literacy knowledge and skills

-teaching students about the benefits to eating, hunting, and harvesting wild and cultivated foods of Northern Ontario.

-Learning about local and regional food sustainability issues and environmental leadership

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