Careers in the Green Industries

Hammarskjold H.S. offers a ‘Green Industries’-focused technology course, where
students are gaining some valuable hands-on skills, while also discovering what it takes to pursue a career in the Green Industries sector. Green Tech Curriculum aims to connect students to Forestry & Natural Resources, Horticulture, Agriculture, Landscaping and Floristry.
In addition to traditional classroom work, there is an emphasis on integrating community-based projects and land-based initiatives to help get students excited about potential career opportunities after high school and to give them some exposure to different green industry-related employers and organizations that exist in Thunder Bay and communities throughout the northwest region.

The introduction of the new course is also part of a school-driven initiative that is working towards enhancing equity and providing more opportunities for Indigenous students through the development of some specialized culturally-focused courses, land-based experiential learning opportunities and an introduction to different technology-related career opportunities.

Some of the green tech projects from last years class of 2019

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